Networking at Podcast Movement Meet Up

San Diego has a ton of great conventions in 2016 FinCon was in town. When all these amazing people gather there is bound to be other meet ups and social events.

One of these gatherings was the Podcast Movement Meet Up at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse.

I brought my vlogging camera setup to see what would happen. I setup in a booth and ended up doing 12 mini interviews with podcasters from a various generas and different levels of experience. All of them thought me something new…

Look out! Here come the Knowledge BOMBS

Watch the video above in its entirty OR go watch it on YouTube so you can click on the time stamp of the interviews you want to watch or re-watch in the description…


Here is the list of the awesome Podcasters and one Facebook Live Broadcaster

Podcast Movement San Diego Meetup during FinCon 2016
[01:44] Michael Pasha – Internet Ballers Podcast (
[02:39] Stephanie Liu – Lights, Camera, Live with Stephanie Liu (
[05:18] Kathlyn Hart – The Big Leap Show – (
[08:12] Sibongile and Patrick Ngako – Honey and Rue (
[11:29] Meghan Alonso – Inspired By Imua (
[12:47] Liz Corson – Avoid Being Hated (
[15:15] Laura Petersen – Copy That Pops (
[17:40] Dan Franks – Men Seeking Tomahawks (
[20:49] Jared Easley – Podcast Movement (
[24:28] Roger Whitney – Retirement Answer Man (
[29:40] Joe Saul-Sehy – Stacking Benjamins (
[45:02] Anthony Tran – Marketing Access Pass (
[49:46] Final Thoughts and Sign Off

Podcast Movement Anaheim PM17

This was just a meetup so I’m really looking forward to the full blown Podcast Movement Event. PM17 will happen in Anaheim (August 23-25). I’ll be there. I’m bringing my camera with me so look out. This is going to be fun. Tickets available here: Podcast Movement 2017

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