Sports Portraits at Sunset

Steven called me up last week to set up a sport portrait session. It was last minute but we were able to come up with a concept and schedule the shoot that same week.

It was a fun shoot and the weather was perfect. The sunset was great and made a beautiful background.

I recently had a shoot with Roman Castro Photography. The day was filled with fun and humor, all while he captured great photos effortlessly. I feel like my experience was top notch and I would highly recommend Roman. He made me feel very relaxed and it was a great shoot. Roman’s style of photography struck me as clear, intellectually engaging, friendly, and the experience exceeded my expectations; he was easy to work with, and he was quick in sending all the photos

– Steven Esquivel

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Sport Portrait Sprint Steven Esquivel-5

Athletic Portrait Steven Esquivel-6

Steven Esquivel-7

Steven Esquivel-8

Sport Portrait Steven Esquivel-1

Athelete Portrait Steven Esquivel-2

Beach Sports Portrait Steven Esquivel-3

Sport Portraits Steven Esquivel-4


Steven’s Bio:

Native to the beautiful state of California, Steven spent most of his life in San Diego. He attended University City High School where he played on school sports teams and spent his summers visiting the San Diego Zoo, running around the beach, and working in a research laboratory. He attended San Diego State University and earned a B.A degree in Microbiology. As a scientist, he relies on the skills he developed as a multi-sport athlete; namely hard work, team work, and creative problem solving. He will spend the next five years as a graduate student in the Department of Molecular Biology at the University of Utah. He says it’s lots of fun. Steven is available for sport modeling. To contact Steven fill out our Contact Form and we will get your message to him.

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