San Diego Fishing Adventures

Start fishing seriously this year.

In 2017 I actively started to learn hook and line fish fishing.

I met some amazing people and learned a ton.

The video below is a quick overview of my San Diego fishing adventures along with a message for new San Diego fishermen just getting started. Click here to watch this on the Roman Castro Vlog YouTube Channel


Fishing is such a rewarding pass time. There is so much to learn but you can get started with just some basic knowledge. The whole point is to get outside and enjoy it. Know that you are going to make mistakes and be OK with it. It’s part of learning. Fish with a purpose so you can learn something on every session.

Also, like every sport there are people that believe since they’ve been doing it for a long time think they own the water or the act of fishing. Don’t let the haters get you down. Stay positive. Fishing is for everyone. As a beginner the best things you can do are to know your regs, respect the catch, follow the law and follow the golden rule.

We are lucky to have such an awesome fishery in San Diego. We can fish in the bays for salty bass, in the ocean for pelagic species, and in our local lakes and reservoirs for freshwater species. Good luck on your San Diego fishing adventures. Follow my journey and let’s learn together.

I have something for you. I’ve put together a PDF Download with “25 FISHING TIPS FOR NEW ANGLERS”. You can get it RIGHT NOW when you sign up for the RCV ANGLER eMail LIST below


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