Running 1,000 Miles in 2019


Because I’ve hated running for so long but realized I hated the injuries not the running.

So I want to get good at it. I want to be a runner.

1,000 miles in 1 year
20 miles per week for 50 weeks (I’m saving two weeks as a buffer)
I’m running 4 days a week so…
5 miles per day or some combination of 20 miles spread across the week.

For reference, I ran less than 50 miles in 2018.

It’s going to be brutal.

It took me about 2 months go from the couch to running without my body breaking down.

I am really looking forward to this.

It’s go time tomorrow. Woo!

If you are on the STRAVA running community and want to join in on this challenge I started a CLUB to share the journey.

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