Meditation & Fishing

What is meditation and how could it help you become a better fisherman?

I know.

This might sound like a stretch.

But here we go.

If you take out all the mysticism out of the practice of meditation you end up with the practice of being aware of what you are thinking.

Not to judge your thoughts or react. Simply to observe them.

To be aware of what you are currently thinking.

The practice is not to “clear” the mind. It’s to observe the mind.

With meditation you are building up your mind awareness. Your mindfulness.

You are present in what you are doing.

So how does this help in fishing?

Have you ever caught a fish then can’t remember what action or retrieve speed you were doing to attract that fish? On a drift did you look around when you got the bite to get some visual cues for the spot? Did you take stock of the conditions, like current, tide, etc.?

If you were zoned out day dreaming maybe you will miss or not remember details that could help you improve.

If you had the practice built up to be in the moment and detect when your mind starts drifting off you could bring your attention back to that fishing moment.

You’ll have a clearer memory of the bite and will retain more of the details that can help you build up your fishing knowledge.

This is what I think “Make every cast count.” means.

Are you fully present with every cast?

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