Rancho Bernardo Inn Family Portrait Session

I had an awesome time photographing the Muhl family at Rancho Bernardo Inn a few weeks ago. The Muhls were planning on staying there after Thanksgiving and they wanted to book a session to take advantage of the awesome Rancho Bernardo Inn and the beautiful Christmas Decorations. I called and confirmed we had permission to shoot with the RB Inn marketing department.

The weekend before our session I took my family for a walk around RB Inn. This being my first time making photos here, I wanted to scout out locations. I found plenty of indoor and outdoor locations that would make great photos.

The day of the session came and It was raining cats and dogs. I met the Muhls and we started indoor while the rain passed. We lucked out and the rain stopped long enough to do some outdoor photos. Here are some of my favorites from the session.

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