Can Am Spyder Motorcycle Tours San Diego (Vlog #99)

Can Am Spyder Motorcycle Tours San Diego (Vlog #99)

Mountain Lakes – Can Am Motorcycle Tours San Diego

Get ready for adventure time!

Back in RCV #93 I met Vadim from Fun Riders Club SD at The Big Boys Toy Show.

He reached out to me a few weeks later and asked if I wanted to bring some friends out on these awesome Can-Am Spyder Motorcycles and do a vlog about the experience.

I thought it would be a perfect fit for Roman’s lists of Things to do in San Diego.

The short version: It was a blast!

Now for the long…

How Can Am Motorcycles Compare to Two Wheeled Motorcycles?

I used to ride a Yamaha R6 back when I thought I was cool. I didn’t realize how much I missed riding until today.

I put on the helmet and remember that familiar tightness around my face. The smell of leather mixed with hot asphalt, grease, and nature took me back to the days when I used to ride with my friends up Mulholland Highway to the Rock Store for breakfast.

These Can Am Bikes have power and are very stable. You almost get the full experience of riding a two wheeled motorcycle accept for the leaning (and knee dragging 😉 ). On a two wheeled bike when you turn the whole bike leans over so the force of inertia pushes you down into the seat. On these Can Am Trikes, since they don’t lean, the force is lateral like when you turn like it is in a car.

Riding these Motorcycles was fun for us that had two wheeled motorcycle experience and for Greg who’s only motorcycle experience was one time on a dirt bike.

Riding as a passenger was very comfortable. The seat was elevated with a backrest. It felt more stable than a two wheeled bike since the passenger’s movement doesn’t affect the balance of the trike like it does a bike.

Great Experience

Vadim and Bettina were excellent.

They met us and brought everything we needed to make the experience fun. We showed up and they patiently taught each one of us how to operate the Can Am Motorcycles. We went through startup, took them for a spin around the parking lot, and we were off.

They had just the right number of stops. Long rides can be a challenge mentally and physically so the frequent stops worked out great to stretch our legs, take photos, and listen to Vadim share some history about the areas we were in or were about to ride through.

About half way through the tour Vadim lead us to a park where he and Bettina laid out a small feast on a pick nick table under the shade of some trees. We ate, enjoyed nature, and fun conversation.

The tour took about 5 hours.

It was a blast. That’s when  I started thinking…

I Want Fun Riders Club SD on My List

I enjoyed the tour so much and wanted to add it to my list so I reached out to Vadim and become an affiliate of Fun Riders Club SD. These tours are top notch. If you are interested in booking a tour send me a message via my contact form or reach out to Fun Riders Club SD directly at and tell them Roman sent you.