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Hi,  welcome! I’m Roman Castro

Roman Castro

San Diego Fishing and Adventure Videos that Inspire, Teach, and Entertain

Roman Castro Vlog was the next logical step in my evolution as a creator and lifetime learner.

In 2011 I discovered freedive spearfishing. I learned as much as I could and started sharing my journey on my blog SpearoBlog.com.

It was a challenge to overcome my fear of putting my thoughts out in writing for the world to see. I did it and the world didn’t end. Sharing my experience and learning process helped others. This was the big insight for me. I could use my creativity and passion for learning to entertain and teach others.

I became involved in the San Diego Spearfishing scene and helped our local club grow. I dove with experienced guys and learned the importance of ocean stewardship and sustainable fishing.

As I learned, I kept adding info to SpearoBlog and before I knew it I had compiled a nice beginner resource. The traffic grew slow and steady and I kept writing.

In 2014 I was ready to step up my spearfishing knowledge and challenge myself once again.

Like many people, I had a fear of public speaking. Without broadcasting experience I launched The Spear Podcast – “The Spearfishing Podcast where spearos share stories, insights, and tips to help you on your spearfishing journey.” This brought so many benefits and growth.

My initial goal with The Spear Podcast was to learn from more experiences spearos and take my blog audience to the next level by delivering pure knowledge from some of the best spearos out there.

I struggled through setting up a garage studio, website, and actually learning how to be a good host and conduct a decent interview but I was growing.

I didn’t know it at the time but I was also creating an audio history of the sport of spearfishing told by the people that live and lived it.

Opportunities opened up to interview legends of the sport and get to know the who’s who of the Spearfishing world. I was becoming known and my audience, the SpearoNation appreciated the value the show brought them.

I unified SpearoBlog, The Spear Podcast, and a few of my other Spearfising related websites under the SpearoNation brand.

More opportunities opened up. This time to travel and dive with fans of the show.

I felt that urge once again to challenge myself and grow. Like most, I don’t like to be on video but it is the best way to share the fun I am having thanks to the success of The Spear Podcast.

In 2016 I launched the Roman Castro Vlog (RCV) and challenged myself to learn video recording, lighting, editing, and all the related tech and skills needed to put out quality videos that continue to deliver that value.

RCV still includes some behind the scenes of The Spear podcast and of course spearfishing sessions for the SpearoNation tribe but I’m also sharing everything else I love. Things like having fun with my family, enjoying all San Diego has to offer, and my latest water related obsession, Kayak Fishing.

Now you know my story! Join the journey by becoming an RCV INSIDER details below.

See you on or in the water!

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