Meditation & Fishing

What is meditation and how could it help you become a better fisherman?

I know.

This might sound like a stretch.

But here we go.

If you take out all the mysticism out of the practice of meditation you end up with the practice of being aware of what you are thinking.

Not to judge your thoughts or react. Simply to observe them.

To be aware of what you are currently thinking.

The practice is not to “clear” the mind. It’s to observe the mind.

With meditation you are building up your mind awareness. Your mindfulness.

You are present in what you are doing.

So how does this help in fishing?

Have you ever caught a fish then can’t remember what action or retrieve speed you were doing to attract that fish? On a drift did you look around when you got the bite to get some visual cues for the spot? Did you take stock of the conditions, like current, tide, etc.?

If you were zoned out day dreaming maybe you will miss or not remember details that could help you improve.

If you had the practice built up to be in the moment and detect when your mind starts drifting off you could bring your attention back to that fishing moment.

You’ll have a clearer memory of the bite and will retain more of the details that can help you build up your fishing knowledge.

This is what I think “Make every cast count.” means.

Are you fully present with every cast?

Falling Behind

I am 12 miles behind pace today.

I pushed a little to hard and my left knee is not 100% yet.

So the choice.

Quit or Keep going even if I dont make the 1,000 Mile goal?

Of course I’m going to keep running. As much as I can. I still have hope that towards the end of the year my body will be able to take higher milage.

For now, I’m going to give it time to heal.

Waiting for Permission

When I hear people say things that start with “I’ve always wanted to…”. I get curious as to why they haven’t done these things.

As far as I can tell they seem to be waiting for someone to give them permission. To say “Yes. You can do that and it will work.”

They want a sure thing.

Well that’s not how it works. You do the work and if it’s good you MIGHT be successful at that thing.

The point is to start.

On your own.

No one is going to give you permission.

You have to give yourself permission.

Good luck with YOUR thing.

Morning Legs Check

This morning the first thought that came to me when I woke up was

“Can I run today?”

I moved my legs around and didn’t feel too sore.

I can run today.

That took my mood from good to better.

Later in the day I felt the urge to run a few times. I could feel my body was ready to hit the road.

I went for a run.

I’m enjoying the process of learning to run.

I’ve been missing out.

Training Status Overreaching

My Garmin Fenix 5x thinks I need to scale it back.

It shows my Training Status as Overreaching.

These are the runs I’ve done so far.

I ran 3.73 miles on the 1st

…then 6.28 miles on the 2nd.

Milage so far is 10 out of 1,000.

I looked up what Overreaching means on the Garmin website

Overreaching – Your training load is very high and has become counterproductive. Your body needs a rest. Give yourself time to recover by adding lighter training to your schedule.

Alrighty then.

Jan. 3rd. was a Recovery Day.

I’ll see you on the streets today though.

I love technology.

Pants That Fit


That’s my size now.

Most of my pants are 32×30.

I’ve been wearing them with the button popped.

Maybe because they are still in good shape or maybe I want to keep denying that I’ve put on some extra pounds.

I keep thinking, “I’ll lose the weight and all my clothes will fit again.”

I spent about a year in pants that don’t fit.

Last week I bought 6 pairs of pants.

Size 34×30.

They fit.

You Failed

…Is the last thing you want to hear.

It brings shame.

So you don’t try.

If you don’t try you won’t grow.

Failure is part of learning.

There is no shame in that.

Failure is your friend.

It means you are making moves to better yourself.

You are one step closer to success.

2019 Goals

Happy New Year!

My goals for 2019.

WRITE A DAILY BLOG – I was inspired by Seth Godin to start a daily blog. (CJ Chilvers does a great job of compiling Seth’s comments on the topic of daily blogging in this post if you are interested.)  It’s a way to make something every day and train my brain to look for interesting things to write about as I go about my day. To share my point of view and observations.

DAILY MEDITATION PRACTICE – I will make time in my schedule to meditate at least 15 minutes each day.

PUBLISH 1-2 VIDEOS PER WEEK – I will make my Tuesday deadline for videos by building up a queue of scheduled videos. Also when time allows add a video to that week.

PUBLISH 12 EPISODES OF THE SPEAR PODCAST – I have 3 episodes that need to be edited already so that covers Jan, Feb, and March. My goal is to produce and schedule 12 episodes for 2019.

RUN 1,000 MILES – I will run 1,000 miles this year. I am excited to complete this challenge. It brakes down to about 20 miles per week for 52 weeks. I’ll be tracking my runs on Strava and occasionally making video updates on the Roman Castro Vlog YouTube Channel.

100 FEET – I still have not hit my previous goal of a 100′ freedive. My personal best dive was 97′ and this year I would like to work down to 100′. I know. It’s just a number but triple digits! 🙂 This is a soft goal. I need to work up to it and get back in the water.

I made this post, meditated, and ran 3.73 miles today.

I’m off to a good start.

I’m off to a good start.

Running 1,000 Miles in 2019


Because I’ve hated running for so long but realized I hated the injuries not the running.

So I want to get good at it. I want to be a runner.

1,000 miles in 1 year
20 miles per week for 50 weeks (I’m saving two weeks as a buffer)
I’m running 4 days a week so…
5 miles per day or some combination of 20 miles spread across the week.

For reference, I ran less than 50 miles in 2018.

It’s going to be brutal.

It took me about 2 months go from the couch to running without my body breaking down.

I am really looking forward to this.

It’s go time tomorrow. Woo!

If you are on the STRAVA running community and want to join in on this challenge I started a CLUB to share the journey.

2 Months to Run 5 Miles

After writing I Hate Running I started to worked on my form.

I went on a run to work on my foot strike and cadence.

I did a 2 mile trail run that felt great until I got back to my truck.

Like many others, I misinterpreted “land on the mid foot” as run on the mid foot only. I was not letting my heel come into contact with the ground and that destroyed my calves. Also on that run I put on a 180 BPM playlist and tried to stay on tempo. Too much for starting from zero.

I couldn’t walk right for a week.

I decided to track my progress on Strava.

I tried to run again a week later. Running gear on I drove to a nearby park and started a run. No joke, 45 seconds in feel pain again.

I stop immediately and hobble back to my truck defeated.

Asking myself, “What am I doing wrong?”

I let my body recover for another 2 weeks before trying again. During this time I’m re-watching running technique videos and doing running form drills to correct my form. I record my self doing the drills and analyze my form the best I can.

I’m bent at the waist. So I correct it to run tall.
My foot strike looks good landing on the mid-foot but no heel contact. I correct it landing midfoot then letting the heel tap the floor naturally on each step.

I’m back at the park with a plan. I will run on the grass for 1 minute then walk for 1 minute. My body gets warmed up I’m feeling good so I start extending the running minute to 2 minutes, then 5. I get in the zone and just keep running for about 2 miles. There is the beginning of pain in my right calf but not bad. It’s time to stop.

Feeling good I’m back at the park 5 days later. I’m on the grass and start running no warm up. Bad Idea. immediately I feel discomfort in my right leg groin area.

“Should have warmed up!” I tell myself.

I fall back into walk run intervals for the length of that side of the park. My body warms up and I’m feeling good. I decide I’m going to run on the cement path.

I ran less than 500ft on the cement path and my left calf pain came back. I’m still doing something wrong. I stop for the day. Back to the drawing board.

It takes me another week to recover and again I spend the time looking for answers.

I’m over striding a little bit and not landing my foot strike right under me. It’s slightly in front. I’m aware of it so I keep it in mind for my running systems check.

Also I’m pushing off with my calves. I watch more videos and focus in on these problems. I work on using my hip flexor to pull my leg forward and using my glutes to pull my legs back like riding a skateboard. I think I was overworking my calves and bending my knees too much.

It’s a Sunday. I take my two boys for a 2 mile hike. My body responds well. I feel good.

Back at home I take care of some things then declare.

“I’m going for a run.”

“I’ll might be back in a minute, but if I’m out longer, it’s a good sign. ” I tell my wife.

I walk down the street to a good landmark and start the run off with the good old 1:1 Run/Walk interval for a mile. Then…

I go for a run.

5 miles of injury free running.


The next few days my knees are a little sore. Not bad considering I haven’t run 5 miles straight since high school.

No pain after a few days.

My body was so out of shape it took all of this just to get it ready for running.

If you are still reading this and you are looking to start running I hope my story helps you get motivated to run and get through the initial challenges of just getting off the couch.

Also, I’ve decided to Run 1,000 miles in 2019.