Hi I’m Roman Castro!

I make videos to share my San Diego fishing adventures and help new anglers learn from my journey. Mostly Kayak Fishing, some Spearfishing, and even some shore fishing.

New Videos every Tuesday.

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Peter and the Wolf at San Diego Symphony with the Boys

We took the boys to the San Diego Symphony to watch and listen to “Peter and the Wolf“. They had instruments out for the kids to try and some other activities. The show was about an hour long. The music was beautiful. After the show we went and had some... read more

I’m On A Boat – Boating San Diego Bay

Went on a quick San Diego Bay boating session with some friends. Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip… Livin’ that San Diego Lifestyle. Leave a comment and let me know what you think about this photos Save Save Save Save... read more

Gaslamp Quarter – San Diego Street Photography

San Diego Street Photography Vlogging Street photography is one of my favorites things to do. So I was sitting here thinking… What would be a fun way to explore San Diego and bring you along? I’ll pick up street photography again and show you San Diego not... read more

Vlog #92: Podcast Movement San Diego Meet Up:

Networking at Podcast Movement Meet Up San Diego has a ton of great conventions in 2016 FinCon was in town. When all these amazing people gather there is bound to be other meet ups and social events. One of these gatherings was the Podcast Movement Meet Up at... read more